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Self-supporting construction made of carbon fibre based laminate, coated with low viscous friction varnish. In combination with a streamlined body shape, it provides minimum air resistance.


The electric motor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell - a modern and ecological source of energy with high efficiency.


It is distinguished by its recuperative braking ability, so that it does not lose stored energy during deceleration, but converts it into electrical energy.

"Project HYDRIVE. We race for tomorrow" is a project to show that we are able to use the latest technology to build the fuel vehicle of the future. At the same time, it is also an indication of a viable alternative to the current common combustion engines. We want to prove that, as young engineers, we are able to meet the ever-increasing demands for ecology and technical requirements in this way.

Thanks to the persistent work of the HYDRIVE development team, we can introduce you to HYDRIVE 1, which has been designed with a view to compete in the international Shell Eco-marathon competition - where the main idea is the promotion and development of ecological energy sources.


The Management Board

As a result, "Project Hydrive. We race for tomorrow" is an initiative carried out by the Students' Designers' Scientific Association MechaniCAD , together with the leaders of individual sections, we make sure that the undertaken works go in the direction we all choose. Our primary task is to organize and systematize everything related to the project.

Mechanical section

In our ranks, we bring together people fascinated by creating hard reality. Our task is to design and construct the entire car. We deal with the whole process of creating key elements of the vehicle. From design, through manufacturing to assembly and service, all the components without which our HYDRIVE 1 could not drive.

Research and analysis section

It is based on the idea of testing the vehicle in real conditions and optimizing it. Our tasks also include all kinds of analyses using MES, CFD, etc. environments and simulations of kinematics and dynamics of vehicle elements in CAD environments. All this is done so that HYDRIVE 1 can achieve the best possible results in competitions.

Electro section

The electro section includes people who are not strangers to live devices. In addition to managing the electrical system in the vehicle, we deal with sensing, telemetry and telecommunications. Constant monitoring of the vehicle's condition is our department. Our team also develops IoT-like systems. All this to ensure that the communication and control of HYDRIVE 1 is at the highest level.

Marketing section

We deal with everything connected with running a brand profile in social media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Our tasks also include organizing and preparing the team for the events related to the HYDRIVE project in the walls of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and beyond. Moreover, we take care of the brand strategy of HYDRIVE project.


Our task is to drive the car in such a way as to get the best possible results at the competition. We take an active part in testing the vehicle in real conditions and in designing its equipment. This ensures that the HYDRIVE 1 is refined to the last detail. We are also responsible for representing the entire Shell Eco-marathon project.


Shell Eco-marathon is one of the most innovative competitions for young designers. Student teams from all over the world are challenged to build and test vehicles that are as energy efficient as possible. The winner is the team whose vehicle can cover the longest distance on the equivalent of one litre of fuel or one kilowatt hour [1 kWh].

Currently, teams consisting of young engineers have the opportunity to take part in two actories - UrbanConcept and Prototype. Vehicles competing in the former must meet the requirements for urban traffic. Cars competing in the Prototype category have no such restrictions and their main goal is to achieve maximum performance, while the driver's comfort is of the utmost importance. This is why the cars are distinguished by their aerodynamic form and low unladen weight. In addition, there is a separate vehicle classification in each category, taking into account the type of drive used. Our car belongs to the Prototype Category and thus allows us to maximise our research of the factors influencing energy consumption.


Below we present the companies that have decided to trust us and support our project, and thus contribute to the worldwide development of green energy production technology.

Strategic sponsors

Auxiliary sponsors

We are fully aware that no idea or project without adequate financial and intangible support has a chance for continuous development and improvement. Therefore, in order to take another step forward and continuously develop our project, we need appropriate support. Cooperation with us - a project of a modern and above all ecological vehicle, which distinguishes the year by a strategic project of AGH University of Science and Technology, underlines modernity, innovation and commitment of our partner company.

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